billygrahamtogetherHello!  This is Scott Evans and I am the manager of the Final Harvest Blog.  I also am a writer for a Christian Magazine and I wanted to share an upcoming article I wrote on the blog today.  I hope you are encouraged by it.  Here it is

Have you ever had a mentor?  You may ask; what is a mentor? Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, who has been defining words since 1828, defines mentor this way; “to teach or give advice or guidance to someone.”

Throughout my life I have enjoyed the mentoring of many people.  As I was building my career in business, I looked to many trusted people who “took me under their wing” and showed me the “ropes” of the business world.  They were mentors for sure.  After I gained some experience of my own, I became a mentor to young men and women just beginning their own careers in business.

However, today I am talking about spiritual mentors.  These are some of the most important people you will find on this earth!  They are Christians who take an interest in your spiritual well-being.  They invest their time, impart their knowledge and wisdom and encourage you to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.  Along with my first spiritual mentors, my parents, I have been extremely fortunate to have three key spiritual mentors that impacted my life tremendously.  The first was when I was a child.  My Sunday School teacher was an incredibly wise and understanding older lady who loved kids and taught me all of those wonderful Bible Stories.  She made them come alive and kept me interested in learning more about those great stories and the people who were the central characters of them.  The second mentor in my life was an older gentleman, who was a deacon in my church, that I got to know when I was a senior in high school.  Again, he took an interest in me and in my spiritual growth.  The most influential spiritual mentor that I had was a man that attended my church when I lived in Pennsylvania.  He was also an older man who had been a missionary to Africa and truly loved the Lord and the Bible.  He and his wife were retired and lived only a short distance from me.  We spent hours talking over coffee, eating lunches, going on walks, participating in Bible Studies, etc.  We shared a loved of Christ and Southern Gospel Music.  He always offered Godly counsel and often did it without me even realizing he was doing so.  He truly impacted my life in ways that he will never know.

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